+ Vehicle mapping carried out  to assess requirements

+ All tree sap and tar  spots removed
+ Multi stage protective bucket wash using neutral       pH advanced cleaner
+ Wheel liners /arches cleaned
+ Wheel clean and assessment
+ All Grill and badges cleaned
    + Vehicle dried
+ All Interior and boot  space vacuum  and dusted
+ Interior door checks cleaned
+ Doors lubricated
+ All glass and mirrors polished
+ Exterior Lights polished
+ Exhaust tips cleaned
+ Exterior examination
+ Single stage luxury polish applied to protect
+ Tyres dressed for a factory finish

+ Final inspection

The price below reflects  the time spent by our technician working on your vehicle and the highest quality market leading products we source and use ensuring your car / vehicle looks its very best.

We also have a range of further options you can discuss with us:

+ Enhancement Detail
+ Protection \ Refresh
+ Restoration
+ Paint Correction

These can be discussed at any time and all stages are in depth leaving your vehicle in a head turning state second to none.

We operate a drop off pick up service and can accomodate any requirement

Our studio is based in a quiet rural location , so no noisy industrial estate/workshop environment , it is a one to one personal trustworthy service tailored for you
This service takes
about 3 hours:

 £ 45